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Tips on Playing Cassiopeia

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Fruitlewp said...
Who has one of the highest damage outputs in the game if played right? Well, if your first guess was "I dunno, a shark perhaps?", then you were close, but this time around it's a snake. Here are a few helpful tips on playing Cassiopeia:

- This one's kind of a no-brainer: the Tear (of the Goddess) is your best friend. Hold it. Love it. Never leave it.

- Depending on the situation, you can focus on your Q (if for example you need the range and damage-over-time to out-play your opponent), however if you use your E right, it'll be the first to receive your skill points. Always land it on a poisoned target, as the ability is almost useless to you when on cooldown. Poisons from other champions do count (Teemo, Singed), so keep your friends close.

- Smart-cast your E. Do it. Now. You may save 500ms, or you may only save 100ms (it all depends on how actively you mash, as well as your reaction speed), either way, you'll be a lot more fearsome if you're churning out Es like it's nobody's business. This'll mean you'll only have to focus on landing your Q, whilst mashing your E key on the designated target.

- When being chased, try to aim for a brush. If they follow, ult them, drop a miasma where they sit and E them until they're dead. If your ult is on cooldown, drop the miasma in the brush and run through it to escape.

- Buy the furor upgrade for your boots. The movement speed bonus will stack with the bonus you receive when you land your Q on an enemy champion. It'll make chasing a lot easier for when you've E'd someone half to death and they're running in morbid fear.

- Never forget how incredibly squishy you are. Your Q's movement speed bonus is designed to help with that. As mentioned above, furor doesn't hurt either. On top of that you have a potential stun and an AoE slow. Buy a Rylai's too, if you're feeling particularly nasty.

Apart from mastering her Q (much like that of Karthus'), there's really not much else to it. The one thing I can't stress enough is how much easier it is to smartcast your E. Even if you feel you lose no time when casting manually, there's still the matter of you being able to focus on keeping a target poisoned whilst you mindlessly mash your E key.
Now, go and eviscerate some poor sods! :-)
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