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Tips on Playing Anivia

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Fruitlewp said...
I thought I might start sharing some (hopefully helpful) tips on my favourite League of Legends champions. They're completely subjective, and are based on my own experiences. I've been playing League of Legends for a great number of years, and so hope to share some of my gameplay strategies. :-)

As I've recently mentioned, Anivia was one of the first champions I came to really enjoy playing. Here are some friendly tips:

- Brushes are your friend. Your enemy will not see the Q coming!

- Your E is your highest-damage spell. Start the game with your Q, and then focus on levelling your E.

- Anivia's attack animation is slow and very noticable, but her casting animation is identical. When farming your last-hits in a lane, you can time your Q with your autoattacks to catch your opponent off-guard.

- It pays to practise landing your Qs. Inexperienced Anivia players can be seen toggling their ults to apply the frost effect to their opponents; this should be a last-resort or something intentionally used for its own purpose, rather than something you only do when you miss your Q. Remember to try and let your Q pass through your opponent, before detonating it immediately behind them, for maximum damage output.

- There's nothing more perfect than having an enemy hot on your tail, as it makes landing your Q a breeze. As with most champions, it also pays to learn your opponent's tendencies as the game progresses; how they avoid attacks specifically. It also helps to try not to be too predictable.

- Most players move in the opposite direction when faced with an assault. Landing your Q on these players should be easy. Some players, however, will rightly strafe to avoid oncoming spells. For these you'll have to try to predict their movement, randomise your spell direction, or close the distance so that your Q doesn't have to travel as far.

- If you really can't place your walls well, it may only hinder you and your team to be careless with them. Think carefully before hitting that W key! Also try to avoid placing walls when chasing champions who can pass through them, such as Tryndamere. You'll only give them another method of escape.

I can't stress enough that mastery of your Flash Frost (Q) is essential to playing Anivia. Ult-toggling took a great hit in effectiveness when they patched it to have a great initial mana cost, but even before that change, it was still detrimental to rely solely on this tactic.
Good luck! :-)
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